Applewood Sanitation District
 District Office Number: 303-232-6883
After-Hours Emergency Number: 303-475-5493
Mailing: P.O. Box 1109 Golden, CO 80402

Customer Service
Payments, Fees and Deposits: 
APPLEWOOD SANITATION DISTRICT is pleased to announce that we are now able to take payments online. By working with the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) on their secured platform, you can click on the box below to make your payment with a credit card or e-check. Credit cards accepted are American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. A portal administration fee for credit card payments or electronic check payments will be charged and retained by the Portal, not APPLEWOOD SANITATION DISTRICT.
A convenience fee of $1 will be charged for payments made using an electronic check regardless of the transaction amount. 

The convenience fee for credit card are as follows: (payment + $0.75) x 2.25% + $0.75. Example for a payment of $10.00 = ($10 + $0.75) x 2.25% + $0.75= $10.75 x 2.25% + $0.75 = $0.24 + $0.75 = $0.99. 
Your card would be charged $10.99 for the transaction. 
If you prefer to still pay by paper check: 
- Made out to Applewood Sanitation District
- Mailed to: P.O. Box 1109 Golden, CO 80402-1109

2023 Residential Customer Billing Information:


  • Annual invoices ($400 per connection) are mailed on February 1st. Payment is due March 15th.
  • Non-payment by March 15th will result in a $20 late fee.
  • Second invoices mailed on March 30th.
  • Non-payment by April 14th will result in an additional $50 late fee.
  • Non-payment by May 15th will result in a $250 lien fee and a Notice of Lien will be recorded in Jefferson County against the property.
  • Accounts that remain delinquent as of October 1, 2023 will be certified to the Jefferson County Treasurer for collection in the same manner as property taxes and will incur an additional $200 fee, plus statutory fees charged by the County Treasurer.


If you have any questions about your invoice or payment options please contact the District by phone or email.
*The District’s 2023 Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges is posted here.

District Office:

Phone Number:  303-232-6883
Hours: 8 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday
Physical Address:    4885 Ward Road, Suite 100 
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1109
Golden, CO 80402-1109

After-Hours Emergency: 

Phone Number:       303-475-5493
Hours: 4 PM - 8 AM Monday - Friday, 
holidays or weekends

Please state that you are an Applewood Sanitation District resident.

Rates and Fees

Residential Customers:


Residential customers currently pay an annual $400.00 sewer service fee, due on March 15th. This fee helps to cover the charges billed to the District by Metro Wastewater Reclamation District for treatment of the District’s wastewater. The fee also covers jet cleaning, system video work, root sawing/maintenance, and routine repairs of the district’s sewer lines.


Non-residential Customers:


Until 2006, non-residential customers were billed by a sewer service charge, with a credit for property taxes paid.  Those non-residential customers that did not pay taxes were billed by a method called Single-Family Equivalent (S.F.E.).  In 2006, the policies of the District changed, and the credit for non-residential customers was discontinued, so residential customers would not feel like they were subsidizing the non-residential customers. Currently, non-residential customers are billed using a S.F.E. calculation which is based on water usage information provided by Consolidated Water (provider).


Property Taxes:


Revenue generated by property taxes (ad voleram taxes) is allocated to a reserve fund which is available when needed for major renovation and replacement of the District’s sewer lines, which in some instances are over sixty years old. The revenue generated by the ASD mill levy will remain constant, and the Board does not contemplate asking for an increase to the mill levy rate. The District’s strategy is to have reserve funds on hand that will avoid a crisis situation in the next 5 – 10 years due to replacement costs on the aging sewer lines. Without a reserve fund, such a shortfall crisis could require an election for a substantial mill levy increase. 

District Maintenance


The Applewood Sanitation District has a comprehensive sanitary sewer cleaning and inspection program. Each year approximately 1/3 of the sanitary sewer system is cleaned, while 1/6 of the sanitary sewer system is videoed and inspected to identify problem areas that may need additional work such as root cutting, point repairs, or replacement. A Line Status Report is prepared annually and is available for review at the district office.

District Capital Improvements

Sanitary sewer line renovation is scheduled based on system condition examination. The District Engineer reviews and recommends the annual renovations based on system condition. Near-term renovation is more severe and requires additional attention. Unanticipated repairs could occur during the fiscal year and budgeted accordingly. Different methods of pipe replacement/repairs are available such as in-situ/cured in place liner or direct bury installation. The 2017 Capital Improvement Plan can be viewed here under Important Documents.

Policies on the Provision of Sanitary Sewer Service

In accordance with Articles of the District Rules and Regulations, the provision of sanitary sewer service by the District is subject to certain requirements and procedures as described below.


Information in this document abbreviates and summarizes requirements of the District Rules & Regulations.  A complete discussion of District requirements, and the obligations of applicants and connectors, is contained in the Rules and Regulations, which may be examined at the office of the District.  The use of abbreviated language within this document does not in any way eliminate the need for the applicant or permittee to fully comply with the conditions contained within the Applewood District Rules and Regulations.


1. The building to be served must be physically located within the boundary of the District.  

    (Rules and Regulations, Section 8.01)


    For land parcels not already within the District, the property owner-of-record must take the initiative to begin an inclusion process by submitting a PETITION FOR INCLUSION form to the Board of Directors of the District.  Inclusion petition forms are available from the attorney for the District (Mr. Richard Scheurer 303-985-2390). A petition form completed by the Petitioner must be accompanied by a proper legal description of the parcel to be included, proof of current property ownership and an Inclusion Fee in the amount of $800.00 per acre, or fraction thereof, for the area of the parcel, as well as an application fee of $300.00.  (Rules and Regulations, Section 8.02(b)).


    In conformance with requirements of Colorado Revised Statutes, the District will schedule and advertise for a public hearing upon the requested inclusion.  If after public hearing, the District Board of Directors should elect to accept the petition, the petition will be submitted to the County Court for hearing.  After such hearing, the Court may order the inclusion to be recorded in the County Records.  (Rules and Regulations, Section 8.02(c) and (d)).


    Additional details regarding the inclusion process, materials, and schedule may be obtained by contacting the attorney for the District at the phone number given above.


2.  If an extension of physical facilities of the District is necessary in order to provide service, such extension shall be              made at the sole cost of the entity requesting the extension.  

     (Rules and Regulations, Section 6.04)


    The property owner must take the initiative to begin the Sewer Main Extension process by submitting to the District Board of Directors an APPLICATION FOR SEWER MAIN EXTENSION form.  The application form is available from the Engineer for the District (RG & Associates 303-293-8107).


    An application form, completed by the applicant, must be accompanied by a proper legal description of the parcel to be served, land plat, site grading and street construction plans, when appropriate, and an initial deposit of $3,000.00 for service to a single lot plus $200.00 for each additional buildable lot, plus $10.00 per linear foot for the anticipated length of new sewer. (Rules and Regulations, Section 6.01)


    Upon acceptance of such application by the District Board of Directors, the Engineer for the District will prepare necessary plans and specifications for the requested extension of facilities. The Engineer will solicit competitive bids for construction of the extension from contractors normally engaged in sanitary sewer main line construction. (Rules and Regulations, Section 6.02)


    When the Board of Directors of the District has selected a contractor from among the bids received, the applicant will be notified of the amount of funds that must be deposited, in advance, in order for construction of the extension to proceed.  The requested amount will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the full amount of the selected contractors bid, an additional contingency deposit, the amount of the anticipated additional engineering and administrative costs, manhole cover grade deposit, and such other fees and deposits found to be appropriate by the District Board of Directors.  A period of 30 days will be allowed by the District for deposit of the required funds.  (Rules and Regulations, Section 6.04)


    Upon receipt from the applicant of certified funds as described above, the District will award a formal contract for construction of the requested sewer extension. The District will lay out the work for construction and will administer the construction procedure.  When all related work has been completed to the satisfaction of the District, the District will accept the extension of facilities as an addition to the District system. The new sanitary sewer will then become available for connection to individual buildings.  A full accounting will be made to the applicant of all costs associated with the extension of facilities.  Any funds deposited by the applicant and not spent will be refunded. The applicant will pay any actual District costs greater than the amount deposited.  (Rules and  Regulations, Sections 6.05 and 6.06)


3. Each building to be served must have a specific connection permit.

    (Rules and Regulations, Section 4.01)


    Connection of the wastewater system of a building to the District sanitary sewer may be made only after a specific permit for connection of the building has been issued by the District. A connection permit application form may be obtained from the District's office, phone 303-232-6883. Submission of an application must be accompanied by a proper legal description of the property upon which the building is located and by connection and inspection fees to both the Applewood Sanitation District and to the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in the amounts currently established by the Directors of the Districts. Information regarding current connection fee amounts may be obtained from the District office at the phone number stated above.