Applewood Sanitation District
 District Office Number: 303-232-6883
After-Hours Emergency Number: 1-877-854-5453


On this website you will find information about the Applewood Sanitation District's (ASD’s) news, district background, rates and fees, board activities, frequently asked questions (FAQs), what to do in a sanitary sewer emergency, customer service support, contact information, and helpful links. Briefly, ASD is a special district formed under provisions of the Colorado State Statutes to provide neighborhood sanitary sewer services. The District operates under the direction of five elected Board members, who oversee the operations, maintenance and capital improvements of the wastewater collection system which delivers wastewater to the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver for treatment. 

District News
Last Updated: 9/25/2017
Special Board Meeting
There was a special district board meeting held to discuss annual fees at the district office on Wednesday, September 6th at 3:00 pm. Please see the meeting minutes on the meetings page.

District 2017 Construction Project
You may have noticed some sanitary sewer construction projects throughout the neighborhood this year. The 2017 Construction project included priority repairs to the sanitary sewer system based on recommendations from a system-wide assessment completed in 2016. To see a map of completed repairs, please click here. The 2017 project began in April and ended in September of this year, with additional repairs planned for 2018. Please contact the District Engineer if you have any questions or comments about the project. 

Rate Analysis

The District Engineer conducted a rate analysis in 2017 to help the Board identify a sustainable strategy for balancing income and expenses, including reserve fund needs. One goal of the analysis is to develop a transparent plan for rate increases, so the community can better understand the process and plan accordingly in the future. 

Clear Creek Crossing

The District Engineer reviewed sanitary sewer plans and a utility report for the development for conformance to district standards. To learn more about this development, please click here.

District Website

We have updated and added new content to our website to better serve our customers. Ongoing updates will be published on a regular basis.

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