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The Applewood Sanitation District, formed in 1958, provides sanitary sewer services to residential homes, apartments, a hospital, and multiple retail and commercial buildings west of I-70 in unincorporated Jefferson County. Our precise boundary map can be viewed here.

The District maintains over 18 miles of sewer pipeline and 468 manholes. Our wastewater is transported to the Metro Water Recovery system for treatment. The District also assigns one director to the Metro Water Recovery Board of Directors to ensure we all work in collaboration to maximize efficiency and conserve resources.

The district has an average daily flow of 290,000 gallons per day.

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at least 3 business days before you dig.

811 sends a message to all utilities which service your residence. Utility owners have 2 full business days, not including the day of the request, to respond to your request for locates. Professional locators will respond to mark the location of underground utilities in your dig area.